Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! With the holidays rapidly approaching most of us are in “go mode” getting all of our holiday to-do list checked off. One of the hardest things to do on that list can be finding the perfect gift for that chronically ill person in your life. So to make it easy we’ve put together a list of spoonie approved holiday gifts and included links to our favorites of each said product. Happy shopping!-Nice pajamas or lounge wear. You can shop Victoria’s Secret Pink collection here which has our favorite lounge wear of all time!

Gift cards. CVS, Walmart, Target and Costco are all good ideas and carry a variety of items we spoonies use on a daily basis!-

Cash. Because being chronically ill isn’t cheap!-

A heated massage chair. Massage with heat without leaving the house?? This is the PERFECT gift for that special spoonie in your life. Here is our favorite. –

A spa day. A day of rest, relaxation and pampering will have any spoonie naming you Santa of the year!-

Compression socks. These make great stocking stuffers! Click this link to shop FUN patterned compression socks!-

A memory foam pillow. So many of us with chronic illnesses struggle to sleep at night and a good pillow can make the battle a little less tough! Here’s our favorite. –

Adult Coloring books. These are always a win as they can keep your spoonie’s mind busy while they are stuck in bed or in the hospital, plus coloring can be a big stress relief! We found tons on Amazon. –

A heated blanket. Many spoonies get cold very easily and a heated blanket is perfect to cuddle up with in bed on a sick day! This one from Target is soft and affordable!

This list by no means covers all the great gifts you can get that special spoonie in your life but hopefully it gives you some ideas! One thing about chronic illness is it teaches you the value of the little things and that really this time of year is about so much more than just gifts under a tree. It’s a time to reflect and remember how grateful we are for all that we do have, chronic illness and all!


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